Don’t react to your space. Make it react to you.

Meet Adapt

Engineered for possibility. Its lightweight form is deceiving agile, enabling greater ease of movement yet being extremely stable ensures Adapt Wall can confidently transform any space on demand.

Individuals, as well as organisations, have all learned to react to new ways of working. This constant reaction to the change of an individual’s daily working routine was the catalyst for Adapt Wall. Born out of the idea to create mobile partitions — to enable more agile, fluid, and flexible spaces — empowering every user to create spaces that work for them at that moment.

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Adapt Wall makes division, privacy, creativity and collaboration more agile.


The Adapt Wall Whiteboard is perfect for quick collaboration, brainstorming and idea generating. The whiteboard also allows for more privacy and acts as a way of dividing large space.

Fabric Panel

Be inspired with the Fabric Panel which allows you to pin up sketches, swatches, ideas and inspiration whilst the soft finish also helps to improve the acoustics of your space.


The Adapt Wall Storage is an elegant and mobile storage solution that is not only simple in its form, but also its function, dividing space whilst also being practical.

Coat Hanger

The Adapt Wall coat hanger is a simple solution to a storage problem. This configuration allows works not just as storage, but as an elegant and agile presentation device.

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