How Do I Divide Space?

As a furniture manufacturer our design approach is to create freestanding furniture, with minimal intervention to the built structure.

When we start to think about dividing space, especially in open plan offices, we start to think about permanent fixtures such as wall partitions.

But what if we don’t necessarily want to build solid walls that isolate. What if we still want connection, or to maintain the modern office aesthetic we have all become accustomed to.

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When we move you across thresholds, maybe through a door, a hallway or even flooring such as carpet to vinyl. All of these send different signals to us. We can use these same signals to divide and eliminate space within our office buildings, within our workplaces. Its these same visual thresholds can affect our behaviour and our mood.

Can we use these simple intuitive tools to give instant control over division? Just think when you retire for an evening to sleep, you simply draw the cur­tain, that simple action alone, signifies to yourself that you’re going to sleep.

We can use those same simple actions to great affect within the workplace, we can create a series of settings built around freestanding structures, that give us the visual connection we still visually desire with others whilst signifying a new space.

Written by Adrian Campbell

Workplace Consultant of The Senator Group

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